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Some days, craftsmanship makes sense. Not only do you (hopefully) make a beautiful end product to display, but the process itself can be a stress reliever. In fact, Michael’s found that 49% of Americans use crafts as a coping mechanism during difficult, albeit stressful times. Since it can be difficult to learn something new, turn to these beginner cross stitch kits if you’re looking for a creative way to provide much-needed relief. These kits, suitable for kids or approved by adults, come with everything you need to create eye-catching designs, including embroidery hoops, pieces of fabric, needles and thread in various colors. Most of them have the designs – whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, cartoon characters, or welcome phrases – printed directly onto the fabric, allowing you to embroider directly onto it as a stencil.

In some cases, these Amazon and Etsy finds are labeled as “embroidery kits,” but they require the same cross stitch method. FYI: Cross stitch is a type of embroidery that uses X-shaped stitches (hence the name) and a mosaic pattern to create a specific image. Because it is more concise and numbered, the end result has a more square appearance compared to other popular types of embroidery like embroidery.

Now that you know the basics, browse through these best-selling, top-rated crafting kits until you find one that catches your eye.

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Easy to personalize

Embroidery starter kit


Designed especially for children

My 1st cross stitch kit

Delta Creative

As they learn the basics of cross stitch, they unveil a mystical unicorn, which can be sewn in any thread colors they choose. When it’s done, they can tie a piece of string through the plastic loop and tie it to a gift bag, Christmas tree, or other place that needs some magic.

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Easy-to-follow stamped option

Stamped cross stitch kit


$ 10.99

An adorable woodland scene is printed directly onto this 9 “x 9” fabric, so you can see exactly what you are stitching as you switch between colors.


Cross stitch kit for hanging plants


$ 8.99

This pattern may seem too intricate for your skill level, but it’s surprisingly simple to embroider – there’s a subtle colored outline on the fabric, so you can follow along. And if you get lost, just refer to the accompanying booklet, complete with step-by-step instructions.


Best value for money (if you really want to commit)

Set of 3 cross stitch starter kits

If you’d rather have options (eg, cacti versus flowers), get more for your money with this three-piece set. It comes with all the necessary tools including three printed fabric pieces with a subtle outline that you can follow.


Minnie Mouse counted cross stitch kit


$ 6.99

Disney fans of all ages will be able to tackle this little one – or shall we say, minnie – Arts and crafts. Along with its recognizable design, this kid-friendly kit only includes three yarn colors, making it virtually foolproof.


For something modern

Custom Text Cross Stitch Kit

Cross StitchKitsGifts

$ 35.00

Send this Etsy seller a short phrase – “Welcome Home,” for example – and they’ll create a custom design that you bring to life with yarn colors that match your space.


Floral stamped cross stitch kit

Working with a larger canvas can work in your favor, especially if the small dots are hard on your eyes. While the colors of the stands are fairly muted, the pre-printed canvas makes it easy to tell what’s what.


For a counted approach

Pastel Rainbow Heart Cross Stitch Kit


$ 7.18

Let the rainbow pattern lead the way by counting stitches from red to purple (or vice versa) until a heart forms. If you get lost, simply count your stitches according to the kit instructions and pick up where you left off.


Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch Starter Kit

This embroidery kit is almost hitting middle ground, but it’s pretty straightforward for anyone if you follow the directions all the way. When finished, you can blot the cloth with water to remove the printed pattern, if it is still visible through the thread.

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