27 cross stitch patterns that will be as fun to display as they are to create


It’s time to get started.

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A record player model you can work out when you want to ~ tune in ~ everything else around you and concentrate on a calming activity.


a abstract piece for artists who know how to properly appreciate a well-executed terrazzo pattern.


A botanical beauty that will fill your home with greenery despite your villainous history with real plants.


A drunk choice full of references Office fans will never forget, especially when this glorious piece is placed right above their beds.


A set of statues with such a realistic look, they will look practically chiseled from the fabric.


A a savage for people who like to kiss their most colored Tongue.


A baby seal cross stitch so adorable that you’ll get your daily dose of endorphins just by glancing every time you walk past.


a ocean pattern it will help you feel calm when life is a ~ beach ~.


A piece of pastry – you dough-not want to live your life without it on your walls! I promise you.


A perfect choice for cat lovers who don’t care about ~ kitten ~ with their home decor.


A pastel sky set that will withstand any storm your baby will bring into the nursery.


Or one botanical set So cool that your guests won’t besheet you actually made them with your own hands.


A piece of beach with cheerful and bright colors that will go ~ swimming ~ with the rest of your decor, whatever the decor.


a abstract pattern which, when finished, will surely make your friends say, “I have to ~ give it to you ~, this is really impressive!” Because it is!


A bohemian rainbow – it’ll be a lovely reminder that things always get better when the worries of life rain down your parade.


A deliciously cheeky room – your parents will love that you found a creative outlet, until they see what you did with that creativity.


A Boss Guy Fieri you can confidently display in your living room to show everyone how great your ~ taste ~ is.


A animal beauty in balloon it might just make your ego bloat when you finish it and see how awesome it looks.


A dumpster fire to embrace all of life’s little catastrophes in a semi-constructive way (i.e. stab something over and over again).


A floral hedgehog for the outdoor enthusiasts among us who love all the flora and fauna.


A rainbow anatomy pack for medical students who know how much Grey’s Anatomy the manuals really are.


A wacky rainbow so hearly adorable, you might want to make one for all your friends!

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