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Sewing has been around almost as long as fabric and was a crucial skill for women. Cross stitch taught basic needlework and probably developed in China, extending west along the Silk Road in the Middle Ages. The counted cross stitch fabric, called aida, developed in Germany around 1890. It gained popularity because its well-defined squares make it easy to sew precise patterns. Cross stitch is easy to learn and you don’t need a lot of materials to get started; it’s relaxing, a wonderful balance of repetitive skills interspersed with changes, as patterns and yarn colors change. The premium fabric allows the cross stitch to shine. A wide variety of cross stitch patterns are available, or you can make your own by drawing on grid paper or gridding your favorite photos. The results make great gifts!

1. Aida Classic Reserve 4 Piece Caydo Cloth

Caydo’s crisp, clean 100% cotton aida fabric offers a crisp canvas for needlework. 12 “x 18” is an ideal size for manual work or machine cross stitching, but it can also be cut into smaller sections. Its 14 stitch design (14 squares per inch) is optimal for beginners and ideal for experienced embroiderers. The fabric is stiff enough to work with or without a hoop, and it’s easy to store or carry with you. Create beautiful cross stitches with this fabric.

2. Aida fabric 6 pieces Similane 14-Count

Do you need a reliable cool white aida fabric? The Similane 14 Stitch Cotton Aid is thick and can be used with or without the hoop, making it ideal for children and beginners who want to learn cross stitch. The starch of the fabric gives it additional rigidity. To soften the cloth, rinse with water. Edges fray with handling; if necessary, tape them to prevent them from falling. Its holes are regular and easy to see; children quickly learn to count stitches with this fabric. Find your cross stitch area with this fabric.

3. WILLBOND DIY 20 piece cross stitch fabric

Art students enjoy working with fibers, and needlework is a great way to develop fine motor skills and learn how to construct pictures using a grid. This cotton cross stitch fabric is ideal for beginners who need small sewing projects that are simple and easy to do. This set includes 5.9 “x 5.9” squares in ten colors, with two squares in each color. Artists scramble to find their favorite colors, eager to learn how to embroider them in cross stitch. Squares are lightweight, perfect for teachers who don’t have a lot of storage.

4. 7 colors Kissbuty linen sewing fabric

Looking to experiment with cross stitch on linen? Kissbuty’s fine linen features a wide weave and the warp and weft grid is easy to use as a visual sewing guide. This set is available in seven stylish colors; choose the one that will work best with your model. Linen panels are also great, perfect for larger designs with precision needlework. Linen can also be cut into smaller panels. The use of a hoop is recommended, as this linen is finer than cotton.

5. 14-thread KCS cotton Aida fabric

Have you fallen in love with cross stitch and are ambitious? At 19 “x 28”, this 14 stitch cotton aida fabric is large enough, ideal for expert fiber artists looking for a challenge. The fabric can be cut into smaller sections for delicate needlework. Made from premium cotton, this fabric is available in a wide variety of amazing colors, including natural straw. Treated with starch, the fabric is stiff enough for needlework without hoops. The finished cross stitch is the envy of friends and family!


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