Bring Your Work to the Kids Day, Challenge 6: Living Cross-Stitch Atlas


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Challenge 2: A Forest of Colors
Challenge 3: Middle-earth in your neighborhood
Challenge 4: Adventure Awaits
Challenge 5: Map the children, assemble!

Well, there are a lot of new experiences for us these days. Of course, the possibility that you are now a remote GIS professional, parent, homeschooler, and a number of other things you need to be while sheltering in place is not the least of them. they. So to help you tap into that glimmer of opportunity to collaborate…yes collaborate…with your kids on GIS projects, I present to you this, our sixth #TakeYourWorkToKidsDay challenge…

Living Atlas in cross stitch

You read correctly. Go get the kids. There are three stages in this challenge…

  1. Open ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, find layers of interest, and choose a topic.
  2. Restore this data in the form of cross-stitch cards, of course. Engage with your young GIS proto-professionals. Ignite those imaginations.
  3. Share your map on social media (tag us and #TakeYourWorkToKidsDay) or comment below with your masterwork.

You will do this. Here’s how.

0:00 Enter the “Sampler” style for ArcGIS Pro.

0:49 Add style to Pro.

1:17 Add Living Atlas data to your map. Don’t forget the handy global background layer that will serve as your fabric base.

2:38 Make it look all cross stitch.

5:42 Give the map some cool typed labels.

6:22 Configure the layout.

8:18 Share it!

And wow! You and your offspring will have meticulously stitched together a beautiful, charming and engaging map of important scientific data. Then you’ll have a nice breakfast and maybe go out and throw some catches. Then you’ll pat their little heads, look them in the eyes, eyes that are familiar to you, and say something like “it’s nice to work with you”.

To like, John

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John Nelson

I have way too much fun looking for ways to understand and present data visually, hoping to drive product strategy and engage users. I work on the ArcGIS Living Atlas team at Esri, pushing and pulling data in all sorts of nonsensical ways, then sharing the process. I also design user experiences for maps and apps. When I’m not doing those things, I’m running around toddlers and arguing with chickens, and generally getting into other ad hoc adventures. Life is Beautiful. You might also like these styles for ArcGIS Pro:


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