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I used to dread receiving boxes of cookies and fudge during the holidays, even though the cookies and fudge are delicious.

But these boxes. Oh, those boxes!

You cannot recycle them. You cannot in good conscience throw them away. You can donate it, but frankly thrift stores already have enough. And you certainly can’t re-offer them, because no one else wants them either!

Fortunately, the user kittykill to Artisan finally solved the cookie jar dilemma for everyone, forever. Discover it tutorial for this cookie box that she retouched with real cross stitch, so now that’s something you really want to have around. Once you read his teaching, you will be surprised at how easy this project is.

Now that you’ve seen this, I’ll bet everything you look around your house, thinking of other containers you can tweak. If so, you are in luck! Check out these modified container projects:

modified container1. Modified Altoid boxes. There are a ton of ways to modify Altoid boxes here.

2. antique pot. Give a pot of maple syrup a century-old appearance with these techniques.

3. baby food jar votives. Empty baby jars are actually hard to find in my town, due to the large number of people who enjoy this type of recycled craft. May you have better luck in your search for pot sourcing!

4. box covered with book pages. This technique even makes a box of oatmeal elegant.

5. embellished filing cabinet. Paint and Mod Podge turn an ugly, run down filing cabinet into something very, very different.

6. shipping container in the house. Okay, that’s an extreme example, and you’re probably not going to get there this weekend, but if you’re ever looking for a cute little cabin in the woods, or a getaway from a weekend somewhere, then changing a container shipping might just be for you.

7. box of soda in canned storage. If you keep a lot of a particular type of canned food on hand (love you, diced tomatoes!) Then it’s worth finding one of those cardboard boxes that sodas are sold in. and fix it using this tute.

8. stained glass bottles. It’s a permanent way to stain your old glass jars. One of you is going to scare me that it will require acetone, which is unnatural, but it also keeps that jar of spaghetti sauce out of the recycling bin, so there you go.

9. suitcase in craft storage. Decoupage and plenty of small containers turn this vintage suitcase into a charming and portable item for craft storage.

10. Wipes container to activity box. If you have a toddler, you already have one. Make it something fun for the kid!

[cross stitch cookie tin image via kittykill on Craftster]


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