Cross stitch designer by Adam Evans


Turn photos of your favorite moments into gorgeous cross stitch tapestries in almost any size! Cross Stitch Creator is an embroidery application that allows you to generate cross stitch patterns from images and track your progress on them. You can also save designs to your photo library, print designs directly from the app, or share designs with your friends in PDF format!

• Generate cross stitch patterns from images up to 800 x 800 stitches
• Use hundreds of different colors in one design
• 454 different DMC thread colors to choose from
• Create your own color palettes to use to generate
• Several generation parameters such as the maximum number of colors allowed.
• Track your progress on the models (details below)
• Modify your patterns after generating them to improve them (details below)
• Save pattern images in Photos
• Print designs directly from the app
• Share templates in PDF format via email, iMessage, etc.
• Help pop-ups to guide you in using the application

Progress monitoring:
• Colorize individual points to mark progress
• Quick and easy symbol / color search
• Lockable points
• Sortable key
• Model metadata such as size, date of creation, number of colors, percentage of completion …

Pattern editor:
• Basic model editor
• Tools include draw, erase, fill and undo / redo
• Add any color to your design regardless of the chosen palette

Although we do our best, the thread colors may not look quite exact. The perception of thread color is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to, display settings such as brightness and night shift, ambient lighting conditions, and neighboring colors in the pattern. Please use your best judgment in determining which colors to use when sewing the pattern.


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