Cross stitch in time at the museum


TEXARKANA, Texas – If you’ve always wanted to learn the basics of sewing, don’t delay and visit the Regional History Museum on Saturday for Cross Stitch Corner: An Introduction to the Art of Cross Stitch.

Presented by the Texarkana Museums System, the workshop will cover all basic cross stitch movements. Melissa McKinney from TMS will lead cross stitch classes from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“This will be an interactive workshop. I’m going to walk them through the cross stitch a bit, like there are five basic stitches,” McKinney said. She will discuss which yarn and fabric to use with the supplies for participants to practice.

“And basically bringing home something that they worked on and did,” McKinney said. “It won’t just be me talking and explaining this to them. I’m going to show them how to do this and allow them to practice in a way.”

McKinney has been cross stitching since she was 10, so she has an expertise to share.

“The first thing I would say that would be good for someone who is just starting out is to get a cross stitch kit, and that is going to have everything they need,” she recommended. to budding cross stitch enthusiasts.

She will teach counted cross stitch. There is also the stamped cross stitch, which already has the image ready for the learner. It will have a design that participants can work on during the workshop.

“I’m also going to give instructions that they can take home if they want to continue doing this, so they can have it as a reference,” McKinney said.

There is no specific theme for March this workshop follows, but it continues TMS’s quest to present events that engage the community.

“We’re always trying to get people to hang out, to unplug a bit, to interact face to face and not just look at their phones or their computer screens or whatever,” McKinney said.

“Don’t be afraid to try something new,” she said, noting that everyone involved will be in the same boat. It is also an opportunity to learn a hobby that could prove useful. After all, for McKinney, cross stitch is a way to relax, clear your mind, and unwind after a long or difficult day. And who doesn’t need it?

“We’re all going to learn together,” McKinney said.

(Admission is $ 5 per person, free for Texarkana Museums System members. Reservations are suggested but not required; make them at or call 903-793-4831. regional history is located at 219 Pine Street.)


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