Cross stitch kits to cure your boredom


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While most people started baking the first lock, I made my Nan very proud and chose the cross stitch. Since then the blockages have passed, but my new love for the point has remained.

In fact, it is essentially my personal form of meditation. You have to focus on getting all the other worries or worries out of your brain, but it’s not difficult at all, so you don’t stress out (unless you stop paying attention and accidentally sew the wrong row – then you are stressed).

Now that I consider myself moderately advanced in the craft, I’ve put together a list of cross stitch kits I’m dying to skip to the next, ranging from beginner to advanced. The kits are perfect because you will get the pattern, a needle, all the thread you need and the fabric in one go. Often times you will also get the embroidery hoop which is not necessary but is very useful.

One last piece of advice that I will give you for nothing: because of the crosses you are going to make with your thread, you need a special cross stitch fabric called Aida, which you will find in a kit. While there are alternatives, like special sheets, the best thing I have ever found is this material, which allows you to sew literally anything (I made cushion covers and t-shirts until now).

Cross stitch kits and cross stitch patterns to buy

Cross stitch kits for beginners (pack of 3), $ 20.64

If you are just starting out, this is a great way to warm up. Get three cute little designs, and they even print the outline onto the fabric so you never lose your place.

Sunday of joy Fox Kit Seven Colors, $ 30

cross stitch kits

Big blocks of the same color make this one pretty easy to follow as well, but just look at these adorable results.

Kit “I cannot become an adult today”, $ 21.09

You can’t ignore a cross stitch pattern that is easy to make and tells a lot of truth.

HP Cross Stitch Bookmarks Kit (5-Pack), $ 90.25

I am a big fan of cross stitch bookmarks because they are cute and practical. You can buy these for the Harry potter nerd in your life as a set, or individually ($ 24.89).

Sewing Llama Kit, $ 55.26

cross stitch kit

This colorful cross stitch will honestly take a while, but it’s a great message that we all need to remember from time to time.

Van Gogh Starry Night Kit, $ 39.99
cross stitch kit - van gogh - starry night

Unleash the artist in you and discover one of Van Gogh’s most famous works of art. Just warning though, it will be as complicated as the man himself.

Colorful Deer Kit, $ 40

Cross stitch, but make it watercolor. You will also need to use a bit of straight stitches in this pattern, but you would have mastered the cross by now, so it will be a semblance of comparison.

cross stitch

Okay, this isn’t a kit, but if you go through the rest of these patterns you’ll be left with quite a bit of thread, and what better way to use them than to get sassy.


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