Cross stitch saga by Irina Kopylova


The mobile assistant for advanced breakers. Created to make it easier to read and mark up cross stitch patterns, to speed up the sewing process.

Cross Stitch Saga is an embroidery tool for working with the interactive cross stitch pattern.

The application produces an interactive cross stitch pattern from the source files of the pattern making programs:

• Pattern maker v.4 (XSD)
• XSPro Platinum (XSP)
• PC Stitch v.6-10 (PAT)
• Cross stitch pattern designers and embroidery kit stores distribute Secure Interactive Pattern (SAGA) format

Note: The application does not open patterns for PDF documents or raster / vector file formats (JPEG, PNG, AI, etc.).

• The application opens an interactive pattern with the different configurations of types of stitches (cross, half-cross, quarter cross, small, oblong, reverse stitch, long stitch, French knot, decorative stitches) and pearls.

• The application is suitable for various cross stitch methods, such as “parking method”, “cross country method”, for complex patterns with backstitch, etc.

• The app keeps a detailed schedule of cross stitch statistics on your annotations in the design.

• The application supports the installation of additional user fonts.

• The application works in landscape and portrait orientation as long as automatic rotation is enabled on the device.

– Add cross stitch patterns of allowed file formats to app from email, website or through cloud service
– Use the built-in calculator to estimate materials (fabric, dental floss and beads)
– Conveniently mark what is already sewn (color or erase)
– Instantly navigate the pattern, scale without losing quality
– Rotate or reverse a pattern
– Control the visibility of points on a pattern: highlight, isolate the necessary elements of the pattern, deactivate layers according to their types
– Instantly get all the information about each element of the pattern (type, color, number of threads, content of mixed thread)
– Sort the thread in the pattern legend list by the number of remaining stitches
– Customize the look of the pattern – set any color of symbols, dot fills, grids, background, diagonal and zigzag guides, borders and background from the isolated cross stitch area, etc.
– Define markers for the wire “parked” on the pattern
– Participate in cross stitch competitions and marathons
– Save the progress of model marks to the cloud for later backup or sync with other devices

An interactive cross stitch pattern is a pattern that you are in control!

Recommended for iOS / iPadOS 12.4.5 or higher.


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