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The monochromatic production features tiny black needle points on a white background of special perforated fabric highlighted by a minimalist matte gold frame

In honor of the Year of Zayed initiative, a Dubai-based artist and designer spent more than three months creating a cross-stitch piece of art in the form of the initiative’s official logo in hundreds of stitches. of the cross.

The monochrome production features tiny black embroidery stitches on a white background of special perforated fabric underlined by a minimalist frame in matt gold. Farida, who has lived in the UAE for over 17 years, donated the artwork to the UAE Consulate General in Toronto, Canada, where she is currently on vacation with her family.

An entrepreneur interested in art, design and culture, Farida typically fuses mixed media forms including couture fashion, embroidery, painting, collage, carpentry, flower preservation and DIY, among others to his work of art. his mother. Zayed’s unique work of art measures approximately 60cm in length and 25cm in width.

Speaking about the idea behind her work, Farida said: “The centenary of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is an important occasion and I wanted to celebrate it in the best possible way; through my cross stitch art … This is my way of commemorating the life of such a remarkable and visionary Arab icon and leader, known for his wisdom and keen sense of Arabness. “

The degree of complexity of the piece created with art and patience testifies to the love of the young designer for the United Arab Emirates. “The United Arab Emirates are my home. It is a nation that has shown great tolerance and its multiculturalism is an inspiration to me as an artist,” she added.

Farida spent more than three months meticulously sewing every little stitch by hand. “I am happy that the final design stayed true to the current logo. An art form like needlepoint embroidery tends to pixelate the original design to some extent. “
Her passion for needlework is measured by the fact that she carries her needlework even on the plane when traveling.

“I usually leave my embroidery work at home and take time throughout the week to do cross stitch. Sometimes I even take it with me when I travel. On planes, I remember carrying plastic needles, not metal. to be able to transport them in flight. It took me three months in total to complete the work “Year of Zayed”. Needlework takes a long time.

Speaking of her love for the particular artistic style, Farida said: “I chose this particular embroidery style because I love the neat look of the rows of stitches – all arranged perfectly side by side – and there are many variations in needlework in terms of the direction of the stitch, the thickness of the thread, etc. I spend endless hours mixing and matching different color schemes. “

This is the second piece of art created by Farida to celebrate the UAE in recent years.

Previously, she had designed a flag of the country embellished with red, green and black buttons, pearls, bows, Swarovski crystals and other embellishments. She has also already started working on another unique piece of art to celebrate the UAE’s half-centenary in three years.

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