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Free cross stitch pattern created using a design found in The Pattern Library.

If you’ve started cross stitching, knitting, crochet, or beading, you’ve probably worked on other designs, and there will surely come a time when you wish you could make your own. Maybe you want to turn your puppy photo into a masterpiece or look for contemporary designs that you can’t seem to find online. This is where Stitchboard comes in handy. Their free cross stitch pattern maker is a great free resource.

So how does it work? Simply upload any image, whether it’s a photograph, geometric pattern, or even text, select the type of crafts you are creating (cross stitch, knitting, crochet, or beading). ) and set your options. The pattern wizard can match the colors in the file to the most commonly used threads and embroidery threads or you can select your own colors. If you sign up as a member, which is free, you can also access various settings to refine your image and select the final design size.

When you’re done, you can download a PDF of your pattern for printing and, if you like, upload it to the Stitchboard community to share with other craftsmen. In fact, with over 2.5 million templates created using the free template wizard, there is a huge selection of free templates available for download. So even if you don’t have an inspirational image you want to start on, you can browse and download the submitted models.

Stitchboard’s Free Cross Stitch Pattern Maker is a powerful tool that helps you unleash your creativity.

Stitchboard Free Cross Stitch Pattern Maker

Nanuck Leather by Claudio Guglieri via Free Pattern Library

The lead cross stitch pattern was created using a section of Claudio Guglieri’s Leather Nanuck pattern found at The Free Pattern Library. By cropping the image and selecting the available embroidery floss colors, it is possible to turn a virtual design into a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

You can turn any image, even your puppy’s, into a cross stitch, knit, or crochet pattern, for free!

free pattern crochet free knitting patterns

Or you can have fun by downloading a free font and merging the graffiti lettering with the craft.

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All images via Jessica Stewart / My Modern Met, unless otherwise noted.

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