From cross stitch to soap making, discover a new hobby this summer with these fun DIY kits


If you have a lot of spare time or just want to distract yourself for a while, crafts might be the way to go.

It is a rewarding and relaxing pastime, which allows you to escape the pressures of modern life. You can even learn new skills to create meaningful, handmade gifts for your friends and family.

From cross stitch and knitting to soap and jewelry making, we’ve rounded up eight DIY kits to help you choose a new hobby. We have also listed a selection of useful books to accompany you on your crafting journey. Who knows, you might be opening your own Etsy store in no time.

Knitting and Crochet

Fuyit Double Knitting Yarn, £ 18.99 (30% off)

With 12 colored threads and two crochet hooks, this set has everything you need to get started with crochet. Whether it’s creating toys and home accessories or making a unique item of clothing like a scarf, it’s a fun and useful hobby.

These super soft and durable acrylic yarns can also be used for knitting, you will just need a set of knitting needles to start your small crafts.

An Amazon buyer wrote in his review, “This soft yarn is adorable and doesn’t fray easily. Perfect for the intarsia because the balls are not too big and I bought two sets. Excellent value for money too. I haven’t tried the included hooks yet as I will be mastering knitting first, but they seem to be of good quality. ‘

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TUPARKA 15 PCS Paper Quilling Kits, £ 15.99

Quilling is an art form that involves folding, rolling and gluing strips of colored paper to create pretty shapes and designs.

Perfect for applying on handmade cards or decorating your home, this quilling set comes with around 600 good quality paper strips in 29 colors. It also includes nine types of tools and a selection of design ideas to encourage creativity.

One reviewer commented, “I had always wanted to try quilling, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I might not like. This kit was perfect – had everything I needed to get started (except glue). I spent many happy hours trying to master the craft, and there was still plenty left in the box. It would be a great gift or a treat for someone who wants to learn to quilling. ‘

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Juntao macrame kit, £ 17.99

Have you always wanted to try bohemian lace rope crafts? If so, you’ll love this macrame kit from Juntao. It comes with 100% natural cotton macrame rope, which is perfect for making stylish macrame wall hangings, plant hangers, curtains, tapestries and dream catchers.

It also includes four wooden sticks, two 2.75 inch wooden rings, four 1.96 inch wooden rings, and 50 wooden beads. This set does not come with a beginner’s guide, so if you are completely new to the art of macrame you will either need to search for tutorials online or consider a “how-to” book.

One reviewer wrote: “Loved this kit. I made a plant hanger and there is still a lot to do. There is a large pot hanging in it with no problem, so it’s pretty sturdy! A great starter kit! ‘

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Soap making

Handmade soaps: Making all-natural soaps at home, £ 11.60

With this handcrafted soap set, you’ll learn tips and techniques for making a range of soaps from soothing milk and honey to warming spice bars.

It comes with all the basic supplies you’ll need to make your own natural soaps right out of the box, including 12 custom soap molds, a glycerin base, three stain colors, mixing spoons and five paper cut gift boxes.

A handy 48-page step-by-step instruction manual with color photos is also included.

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Cross stitch and embroidery

AUSHEN cross stitch and embroidery kit, £ 21.99

Cross stitch and embroider to your heart’s content with this lovely craft set from AUSHEN. It includes 50 embroidery threads of different colors, two sheets of cross stitch fabric, nine needles, a needle box, a pair of scissors, a thimble, a thread cutter, ten wax threads and two threaders. needles.

Easy to use and perfect for beginners, artisans can create beautiful pieces by repeatedly laying a pre-designed image with the needle in the front of the fabric.

You can even learn to embroider clothes, cushions, bedding, and other household items.

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Candle making

House of Crafts Candle Making Kit, £ 19.97

Learn how to make your own traditional, scented and floating candles with this easy-to-use starter kit.

Inside the box you will find everything you need to start making elegant homemade candles, including wax pellets, candle molds, colored dyes, scented oil, a pipette bulb, wicks, wick rods, mold sealer and full instructions.

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WOWOSS Needle Felting Starter Kit, now at £ 9.99 (47% off)

Felting is still popular in the DIY community and is great fun for adults and kids alike. Using the high quality and super soft felting wool, you can learn how to make soft and charming toys, key chains and arts and crafts.

This felting starter kit comes with natural wool fiber in a variety of 36 vibrant colors, a set of needles and a whole range of craft tools you will need to get the felting done.

Some Amazon shoppers recommend using basic wool if you want the colored felts to go further. One reviewer wrote: “This is a nice little starter kit! Even though some reviews have mentioned that the amount of yarn is too small, I figured this was just to get started and then you can order specific colors for your project later.

“The colors I received were superb, including black and white. I created my first two objects today, it only took 20-30 minutes. Super fun and easy! ‘

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Jewelry creation

SUNNYCLUE Jewelry Making Starter Kit, £ 18.98

This DIY jewelry making kit includes everything you need to make ten pairs of bohemian chandelier dangling earrings. The set includes an assortment of pretty glass beads, charm pendants, and all the pieces you need to make stylish earrings.

Instructions are also included. The metallic material is hypoallergenic and cadmium free, nickel free and lead free, which means the earrings are ideal for people with sensitive skin.

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Useful craft books for beginners

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