Huge Pokemon Cross-Stitch Tapestry Took Fan’s Mom 8 Years


A Pokemon fan’s mother has created a huge cross-stitch tapestry featuring all Pokemon up to Generation 5, totaling 649 species.

A Pokemon fan with an incredibly devoted mother showed off her huge cross-stitch tapestry featuring all species up to Generation 5, with the piece taking eight years to complete. That equates to 649 unique Pokémon species, including many fan favorites like Pikachu and Charizard.

Cross stitch is a form of embroidery that requires time and patience. As the name suggests, each individual stitch is shaped like a cross, sewn close to each other to create colors and images. Because each dot creates a vaguely square patch of color, the hobby can be compared to an old-school version of pixel art. It’s a crossover that offers textile-loving gamers an interesting artistic avenue to explore, as it’s possible to reproduce pixel and other sprites with a high degree of precision. Gaming fans have been using cross-stitch as a creative way to showcase their favorite games for some time, with one gamer even catching Naughty Dog’s attention for their impressive The last of us embroidery.

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Reddit user HerenJames’ mother impressed Pokemon fans by assembling 649 Pokémon sprites as they appeared in Generation 5, an endeavor that spanned eight years. The huge final project measures 57″ by 71.5″, or 145cm by 182cm, and includes 798,000 stitches in 234 different colors. The finished work deservedly garnered plenty of praise online, with fans suitably in awe of the company. It should be noted that HerenJames’ mother used a pattern posted by online blogger Lord Libidan for this creation. Lord Libidan’s site also hosts a number of similar sites Pokemon patterns, such as a well-known cross stitch pattern featuring Gen One Pokémon.

Unfortunately, the eight years of hard work were not entirely without incident. The then current Pokemon the tapestry was one of the few things to survive a devastating house fire some four years into the project, although the piece emerged with only the print of a firefighter on the reverse as a reminder. Perhaps partly because of this, HerenJames and their mother are now considering the prospect of insuring the tapestry, which they believe could cost around $50,000 due to all the time and effort it would take to replace it. . While it is clear that nothing could replace the story behind the breathtaking Pokemon work of art, the desire for a little more security for the tapestry is completely understandable.

The amount of dedication needed to create something like this Pokemon tapestry is almost unrivaled. Although cross-stitching is a relatively simple process, the designer should still be prepared to put in an almost countless number of hours working on the project. A part like this will probably take at least tens of thousands of hours. With that in mind, a finished tapestry like this is a rare and awe-inspiring sight, as well as proof that fandom can express itself in many different ways. Although some may find it a bit incongruous to combine traditional embroidery with video games, the result is definitely worth it.

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