Katie Kutthroat Cross Stitch – Personalized Cosmopolitan Cross Stitch


Real Blue Cosmo Girls know that this sassy quote was engraved on a pillow in the office of our magazine’s legendary editor, Helen Gurley Brown. (This was just one of his many classic quotes.)

Now, this is a custom cross stitch designed exclusively for Cosmo readers by Katie Kutthroat, the deliciously tangy pointer behind several designs in Lena Dunham’s fictional apartment on Girls (like the play “Best F ****** Friends Forever” hanging in Hannah and Elijah’s bathroom) AND YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN IT JUST BY COMMENTING ON THIS ARTICLE!

You too can enhance your apartment with this personalized design by Katie, whose pieces are featured on Girls also include the ironic “You’re a bitch” and “Just Sayin”. Etsy store? “The Freaky Deakies need love too.”

“I come from a very conservative, Southern Baptist, Republican, motley family, but I’m not like that at all,” Katie (real last name: Weeks) told Cosmopolitan.com. “There’s still that rebellious kid … I guess it was me.”

To be automatically entered to win Katie’s Personalized Cosmo Cross Stitch (which will come with a hot pink ceramic frame, retail value $ 55), simply leave a comment below anytime before 11 p.m. on February 18 59. Check back February 19 to see if you’ve won! And check out the official raffle rules here.

Update: We have selected a winner. Congratulations to Elizabeth Jean Santiago! Thank you all for coming in. Discover Katie’s Etsy store for more amazing sassy embroidery designs.

Photo credit: Katie Kutthroat

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