Kreinik snowflake cross stitch


The Kreinik snowflake. photo creditLaurel Reufner

Here’s a quick project – The Kreinik Snowflake Cross Stitch – that can even be done in a weekend. This is the project, after all these years, where I really fell in love with how Kreinik’s yarns can transform a sewing project.

Once upon a time I had several small graphics designed, but that was several computers ago. I will try to share as I find them and recover or recreate the graphics. It was great fun back then. And then I stopped cross stitching as life got really hectic and my vision started to age. I came back here a little over three years ago, just after we moved into the new house. And this snowflake is so far my one and only design since then. I love designing snowflakes, partly because, yes, it’s easy, but I also love winter. And there are so many things you can do with a simple snowflake pattern – frame it, back it up with cardboard or fabric for a pretty ornament, or even sew it on a small plastic drop cloth as an ornament or even on -packaging. Heck, put it on an altar cloth.

But where is the magic? Well, that’s up to you and what you want the end piece to be used for. It’s very easy to work your intention into each stitch as you go, which makes for a really powerful piece when finished. At the very least, while I sew as a sort of meditation or even calming exercise, I never sew when I’m angry. I don’t want that kind of energy in my work.

The colors shown in the table are, of course, only suggestions. Feel free to choose yours. In the DMC version I sewed, I filled in the empty space around the arms of the snowflake. In the Kreinik thread version, I didn’t. the light blue fabric was already a very nice background. If you work this design in pretty spring or summer colors, it would be even harder to tell that it started life as a simple snowflake and might instead look more like some kind of flower. Have fun with my little drawing. You can put it on things for sale if you want, but don’t try to sell the model.

Kreinik/Winter Snowflake. Graphic and image copyright Laurel Reufner.

To save the chart to your computer or other device, simply right click and “save as”.

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