New tattoo trend: Cross stitch ink (+ photos)


Way of life

Tattoos by artist Eva Krbdk. Photos / Instagram

Cross stitch has made a comeback as the coolest new craft to try – only this time the skin is the canvas.

Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk’s cross stitch tattoos are quickly gaining traction around the world. While not the first to use the technique, Krdbk has gone viral by sharing all of her ink – cross stitched or not – on Instagram.

By drawing tiny lines of different colors in an “x” shape, artists like Krdbk are able to create an image that looks like it has been sewn onto the skin.

In a series of cross-shaped lines, she is able to shade and contour without ever filling the block color design.

The result is a more subtle and delicate image than the regular tattoo and a trend that is very likely to stick.

Look closely and the tattoo is just a pixelated mess, but as you step back a larger image is revealed.

But wait – there is more. Not only an expert in popular pop art tattoos, Krdbk also specializes in a range of other popular techniques such as watercolors – photographic evidence of these are all posted on her Instagram for the the whole world can appreciate them.



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