Over 70 cross stitch bookmark designs for every type of reader


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We love everything cross stitch here at Book Riot. We’ve looked at literary cross stitch patterns and highlighted a few sweet cross stitch patterns for book lovers. One thing we haven’t done in a minute, however, is put together some of the amazing cross stitch bookmark designs. Even for those of us who are rabid dog ears (me) readers, there is still a need for a big bookmark or two. Why not learn a skill – or better yet hone the ones you have – with these cross stitch bookmark designs?

(And if you want more bookish trick, check out our collection of literary cross stitch patterns, Lit stitch: 25 cross stitch patterns for book lovers.)

Bonus: most of them are very affordable to buy, all are instant downloads, and you can grab the thread, needles, and canvas (tip: for bookmarks you will probably want to buy plastic canvas. for a more durable finished product!). If you decide you’re going to do it all with this hobby, you can get a nice bookish needle keeper as well.

I included a bit of everything in this roundup: bookish motifs, non-bookish motifs, recognizable art, etc. There is something for all types of embroiderers.

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Awesome, Creative and Fun Cross Stitch Bookmark Templates

Bookmark one of the most recognizable works of art. Starry Night cross stitch pattern, $ 4.

Set of three feather bookmarks, $ 13.

These bookmark templates are perfect for nature lovers. $ 7.80.

Do you like Art Nouveau? These bookmarks are perfect for you. $ 5.50.

Bookmark the famous work of art Girl Reading. $ 4.

This is a Pacman cross stitch bookmark template! $ 3.

These owl bookmarks designs are a hoot. Nine models in all for $ 10.

Disney Fans: These are for you. Pick up a set of 12 Disney Princess Cross Stitch Bookmark Templates for $ 20.

1 place with this Super Mario cross stitch pattern. $ 4.For the truly bookish, a set of bookish cross stitch bookmark templates. $ 5.50.

Make yourself a happy little cactus bookmark. $ 3.

Book nerd! $ 4.50.

It is a very pretty peacock feather. $ 2.75.

This set of pink cross stitch bookmarks is perfect all year round. $ 7.

Love music? Here is a great cross stitch pattern for treble clef bookmark. $ 3.

For fans of Parks and Rec, this Ron Swanson bookmark design is a real gem. $ 5.

I scream. You shout. We all scream for ice cream bookmark designs. $ 3.

These gorgeous parrots from Australia make a great bookmark whether you’ve seen them IRL or not. $ 4.50.

Make a trio of bookmarks for book lovers. $ 4 for the set.

This simple patterned bookmark would be especially good for beginners! $ 4.

It’s so deliciously cheesy. $ 2.70.

This pineapple and flamingos bookmark is too much fun. $ 6.

I’m deep into this bookshelf cross stitch bookmark pattern. $ 1.50.

So many cups! Ideal for coffee and tea lovers. $ 5.

Tartan for your books. $ 5.

Make this silhouette of a woman reading. $ 5.40.

Such a lovely pattern (and a perfect color combination too!). $ 3.70.

If you love Beatrix Potter, you will love this set of seven bookmark templates. $ 6.80.

Make an abstract work of art for your bookmark. $ 5.

This is a milkshake and macaroon cross stitch bookmark design. $ 3.

If you love Doctor Who, book yourself Doctor Who. $ 5.25.

Step out of this world with a galaxy bookmark design for cross stitches. $ 3.

Want a whole year of seasonal bookmark designs? I got you! $ 7.

I’m going to have to grab this set of animal print cross stitch bookmarks templates. $ 4.50.

And finally, check out these adorable owls for your book. $ 3.50.


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