Pokemon Emerald Fan Shows Impressive Gondola Cross Stitch


A fan art decides to create a cross-stitch pattern based on the classic gondola ride seen in Pokemon Emerald for Game Boy Advance.

Pokemon Emerald Fan Shows Impressive Gondola Cross Stitch

Released on Game Boy Advance in 2004, Pokemon Emerald was an improved version of pokemon ruby and Sapphire from Gen 3. Among the memorable parts of the game was a cable car that ran through a forest. This gondola ride that is part of Route 112 would take Pokemon trainers to the top of Mount Chimney. Recently, a nostalgic gamer decided to recreate this classic Pokemon scene in an unusual, yet stunning work of art.

In a Reddit post, a user known as LockedFrank shared a photo of a recent cross stitch project he worked on. However, this was no ordinary design. Instead, this cross stitch made an image of a Pokemon trainer traveling in a gondola almost identical to the one seen in Pokemon Emerald. This design captured many elements of the scene found in the game, such as the coach looking down from the cable car on the distant horizon. Besides the gondola ride, the backdrop was beautiful as it featured a lush evergreen forest with a mountain range in the distance.


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Along with showcasing the awesome art in an image, LockedFrank revealed the steps behind making the Pokemon cross stitch design. According to the creator, they used a screenshot from the game as a reference and went “pixel by pixel” while working on the project. Additionally, they revealed that they used an 8-inch hoop with 16-stitch fabric for the cross-stitch. It took around 30-40 hours to complete the design when all was said and done. However, they noted that several hours could probably have been shaved off if they hadn’t looked at their phone as often while working on the Pokemon project.

Unsurprisingly, many members of the Pokemon The community on Reddit noticed this awesome cross stitch design made by LockedFrank. With over 9,700 upvotes in a single day, many found the art very nostalgic. Many commented on the impressive level of detail in the cross stitch, others wanted to commission the designer to make more nostalgic copies of the design. Unfortunately, LockedFrank revealed that they weren’t interested in doing more cross stitches of the Pokemon gondola, noting that it took a lot of time and effort to complete just one.

This is just one of many fan creations based on the Pokemon series. Besides this awesome gondola cross stitch, another fan recently made Pokemon statues of everyday objects, such as beer bottles and sweets. With the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus in just over a week, it will be interesting to see what other art fans design next.

Pokemon Emerald is available on Game Boy Advance.

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