Science and cross stitch: things you might not want on your wall


You usually think of cross stitch as cute sayings or pictures that you would hang on your wall. Not this Alicia Watkins art.

Cross stitch tends to target cozy homes and offices with serene imagery and inspirational phrases. Artist Alicia Watkins turned this trend around a bit by sewing a few things that might make the average person a little uncomfortable.

On his website Watty’s Wall Stuff, Watkins does the usual sayings and art, but she developed into cross-stitch geekery and science. And among the scientific papers are germs that only a scientist or a doctor’s office could love.

Want to encourage employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom? Hang a picture of a Botulism or E-Coli cross stitch over the sink. Maybe the local gynecologist decides to hang gonorrhea and syphilis on the wall. Who knows? But now the cross stitch is available. Check out the science gallery below.

Of course, if you like geeky stuff, Watkins has zombies too, the Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and more. Watkins says his philosophy is simple: When it comes to cross stitch, I ask two standard questions: “Is the design fun or unique in the context of historic crafts?” And does he also seriously incorporate the things we love now into this story? “

Of course, if you want to do your own cross stitch, you can pick up some of her designs. There is always this one:

Picard cross stitch

Source: The Marie Sue


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