Star Wars Superfan recreates an epic six-part saga in cross stitch for 30ft TAPESTRY


Cinematic saga captured with needle and thread in great detail right down to an impressive little Yoda embroidery

The 30 foot Star Wars tapestry by British artist Aled Lewis

A Star Wars superfan recreated the entire six-part epic in a 30-foot TAPESTRY.

The Star Wars saga is a little less dramatic when captured in cross stitch – but it’s still quite impressive.

The Bayeux-like tapestry was painstakingly put together by British designer Aled Lewis as part of his Such Pixels exhibition in LA. Presumably, he likes movies then?

The hand-sewn piece features lightsabers, stormtroopers and a cute little Darth Vader embroidery.

The price tag for the job is $ 20,000.

British artist Aled Lewis’ tapestry captures the saga in great detail



The black borders of the coin also contain quotes from the movie written in Aurebesh, the base language of the Star Wars universe.

British artist Lewis was probably hoping the force would be with him as he embarked on the six-month project to put the piece together, which included creating each scene on a laptop before translating it pixel by pixel on a tissue.

Every iconic moment is captured in needle and thread, from Yoda’s lightsaber battle to Luke Skywalker’s final showdown with Darth Vader.

The work pays homage to the famous Bayeux Tapestry, which represents the conquest of England, although the Norman original is around 60 meters long.

Other works by the artist include ‘Ms. Pac-Man applying makeup in the car ‘.

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The Coruscant Tapestry, which depicts scenes from Star Wars




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