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SEATTLE, July 24, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Designer Rachel Alva of Octopus point launches the brand new Signature collection, and each product will be individually manufactured by the designer herself. The Signature Collection will be released on July 24.

Stitch Octopus is known to help new and experienced embroiderers access the fun and relaxing parts of cross stitch faster so they can live more creative and satisfying lives.

So, for the first time, Alva has created a full line of their favorite and most popular cross stitch kits. The new Signature collection should be online on July 24.

The collection will be sold on and select Seattle retailers where limited products are expected to be sold out by the end of the season.

Cross stitch kits are designed to showcase the natural and mathematical world with a blend of soothing and vibrant colors that make new and experienced stitchers feel the joy of the meditative process as well as the satisfaction of completing a work of art. artisanal.

Several products include gold metallic thread and teal undertones to take advantage of today’s trends.

Some of the cross stitch kits are made from non-traditional sewing surfaces such as note cards and wooden coasters, which allow manufacturers to complete an entire project in one evening that can be used immediately.

Its collection also includes 100% compostable packaging, bamboo hoops and cotton fabric to minimize the environmental impact.

Each individual cross stitch kit pattern has its own name. Here are some examples :

  • Space unicorn
  • Alphabet
  • Geode
  • flowering
  • In the USA

The price of the Signature collection varies from $ 32 To $ 95.

Alva is delighted to welcome her fans to her new collection of handmade products they ask for.

Contact information

For more information on Signature Collection or for an interview with Rachel Alva, please write to [email protected]. High resolution multimedia photos are available on request.

About Stitch Octopus

Rachel Alva started designing cross stitch kits after facing a very real problem. While cross stitch is needed more than ever to unplug and unwind from our busy digital lives, most of the commercially available kits are stuck in the past. After several months of designing pixel-by-pixel cross stitch kits, Stitch Octopus products began to gain notoriety in the modern cross stitch industry.

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