The cross stitch brought together Sajal Aly and Wahaj and it’s too haseen


YES! We heard you and your obsession with this new on-screen couple, Wahaj and Sajal! Without a doubt, they conquered the internet with their passion and chemistry during the last campaign shoot with Cross Stitch. Whether it was Sajal’s eyes, saying a thousand words, or Wahaj’s starry gaze, OR the rain itself. * Someone stops us *

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However, on the other hand, no one was talking about the campaign itself. We dug a little deeper into the mood and purpose of it, which, by the way, also left us stunned!

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Without a doubt, the outfits won the match, but the absolutely perfect synchronization between the music, the inspiration, the cast and the whole ensemble took the uniqueness of the entire campaign to another level. .

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“The cross stitch has always been synonymous with highlighting Pakistani culture and heritage and revealing its beauty.” We totally agree with that, as can be seen in the art direction, screenplays, song choices and style which can be the perfect interpretation of the country’s culture!

So let’s move on to the additional details: AHH, the music !! It was so captivating, lively and yet so melodic – a perfect cover of the popular Pakistani folk singer, Mai Bhaagi. This song involves a girl (Sajal in this case) who longs for her love forever under a neem tree – “Khari neem ke neechay hoon tu hekali…”


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Either way, the song was sung again by the talented Farheen Raza Jaffery, and her voice was ON THE MARK to be the perfect voiceover for Sajal and she was waiting for someone she wanted to see for so long. ! The screenplay and set were, according to the 70s theme, hence the styling streamlined the same theme throughout.

Via: @crossstitch_official

By the way, we never had it in mind to pair this couple together, but hey, Cross Stitch did the job for us by throwing this campaign bomb – what we all needed in our lives!

Via: @crossstitch_official

Now we’re all waiting for someone in the industry to pick a clue and place these two for the next pair in a drama or movie! * fingers crossed hoping our wishes come true *.

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