The ‘Evil Dead 2’ cross stitch pattern book is in the works


Move over Necronomicon! Evil Dead 2: The Book of the Thread is on its way and we here at 1428 Elm are ready to start our business.

It’s about to get groovy!

Sam Raimi’s 1987 horror classic starring Bruce Campbell is about to be immortalized, this time in book form. According to the publisher’s site, Source Point Press, a thirty-day campaign has been launched on Kickstarter. Currently, the Kickstarter page shows the book at over half of its $ 5,000 goal.

With over twenty officially licensed Evil Dead 2 cross stitch patterns created by Rebecca Martz-Burley and illustrator Teri Heidemyer, the artisanal effort is definitely creative and original. A source quotes Burley as saying, “I knew I could do more, but I had to push myself to do a lot better and to think bigger and it’s the result of that work.”

Along with all the cool designs, fans of the franchise won’t be disappointed. The narrator of the book is none other than Deadite Henrietta. So be ready to sit down and enjoy his helpful tips and cross stitch tips. No doubt she will swallow your soul with her advice.

Another selling point for this company notes Source Book Press, “The book has designs that range from simple beginner models to complex advanced models. The Kickstarter is not only an opportunity to pre-order the book, but also a way to get bonus rewards at various levels, including bonus horror cross stitch patterns, Source Point Press digital horror comics, fine art prints by Joshua Werner and Heidemeyer, and even original cross stitch art by Rebecca Martz-Burley herself.

Would the subtitle be “Thread by Dawn”?

Not being good at the art of embroidery, I like the uniqueness of this project. Personally, this would make a great conversation piece and a keepsake for the more ardent of evil Dead Fans. So, in the words of Ashley J. Williams, “Come and get some! “

Hey Deadites, do you plan to add it to your Evil Dead collection? Excited to see Bruce Campbell in stitches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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