This cross stitch ‘doom’ animation is a noisy masterpiece


Cross-stitch animation may seem like a niche interest for developers with too much spare time, but in reality, it’s a fascinating combination of art and game development. It requires great attention to detail and the ability to not be exasperated by dozens of threads. One of the latest examples of cross stitch animation comes from @wallmasterr on TikTok, which recreates my favorite first person shooter on Earth: Loss.

This cross stitch iteration of Loss is based on the original masterpiece. The TikTok user used an Arduino Mega and several input / output extensions to create a loom from the famous title. @wallmasterr says he must have connected the video game controller to the animation tool and managed to create a 25×25 grid. As a result, the developer has created a noisy but absolutely amazing black and white version of the classic FPS.

@wallmasterr has another cross stitch animation project on, which is open to people online. In this particular game, the developer allows you to choose colors for the cross and line stitch. Hitting the space the cross stitch loop activates while pressing R will reset the loop to a blank slate. There is no way to save your project but it is a hypnotic loop that can kill time if you are terribly bored.

Try it yourself – You might even be able to create an interesting looping image. In another project using the cross stitch animation editor prototype linked above, @wallmasterr drew a fun cross stitch TNT explosion that looks like this:

Cross stitch animation will never become the de facto video game style, of course, but there is something visually addicting about this amalgamation of rough dots and spinning mechanical magic. Loss in a small embroidery project. It’s also further proof that the popular game can work on pretty much anything including, heck, yes, cardboard.


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