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Top 10 best cross stitch supplies 2021

1.17 Pieces Cross Stitch Tool Embroidery Starter Kit 6 Pieces Bamboo Sewing Hoops, Retro Scissors, Thimbles, Cross Stitch Needle Threading Tools and Embroidery Needles for Sewing embroidery supplies

  • Scissors and Thimbles: Retro scissors are made of stainless steel, durable and good to use, these thimbles are of good texture and non-slip, protecting your fingers from injury
  • Needles and Threading Tools: Enough amount of needles are packed in the box, don’t worry about loss and easy to store, come with threading tools, very considerate design
  • What you get: You will receive 6 pieces of bamboo embroidery hoops, 2 pieces of different shaped scissors, 3 pieces of thimbles, 5 pieces of needle threading tools and 30 pieces of embroidery needles in 3 sizes with one box, good combination for your use
  • Bamboo Embroidery Circles: There are 6 different sizes of embroidery hoops, including 10cm / 3.93inch, 13cm / 5.1inch, 18cm / 7inch, 20cm / 7.87inch, 23cm / 9inch and 25cm / 9.84inch, meet and satisfy your various needs
  • Widely Applicable: Our cross stitch tools are suitable for embroidery, cross stitch, quilting, crafts, etc., can be applied to weddings, parties, garlands and other DIY projects

2. Embroidery Thread Organizer Box – 17 compartment plastic embroidery thread organizer with 100 plastic thread spools and 640 thread number stickers. Great for all your cross stitch supplies (complete set)

  • The transparent storage box has 17 deep compartments
  • Use these digital stickers to personalize your own floss spools – includes 500 labels, pre-printed with all 464 solid and assorted color numbers, plus additional labels for popular shades and 20 black labels
  • Package includes 17 compartment storage box with 100 plastic spools of thread and needle and 640 thread number stickers
  • Perfect plastic spools to use to keep the yarn organized and untangled
  • Be organized – keep all your cross stitch supplies, cross stitch kits, embroidery kit, embroidery floss. embroidery thread, embroidery scissors, embroidery needles, needle threader and threader, everything you need and organized

3.53 piece cross stitch tool embroidery starter kit, includes bamboo cross stitch hoop ring, vintage sewing scissors, needle threading tools, thimbles, spools of thread, seam ripper and embroidery

  • Matching embroidery needles: available in 3 sizes, with big eye design and threading tool to easily fit embroidery thread, equipped with transparent box for storage, no worry about losing, convenient and practices
  • Seam ripper: come with a red mini round ball at the end of the smaller fork to protect your fabric, which is good for cutting and tearing unwanted seams, also with a long flat handle, easy and comfortable to grip, can do stall sewing work very quickly and easily
  • Embroidery Starter Set: Package Contains 4 x Bamboo Cross Stitch Circle Rings, 1 x Vintage Sewing Scissors, 1 x U Shaped Scissors, 1 x Seam Ripper, 3 x Threading Tools needles, 3 x thimbles, 10 x spools of thread and 30 embroidery needles with storage box, this handy combination is ideal for starting your embroidery journey
  • Bamboo Embroidery Circles: There are 4 different sizes of embroidery hoops to meet your needs, including 13cm / 5.1inch, 18cm / 7inch, 21cm / 8.3inch and 25cm / 9.84 inches, each embroidery hoop designed with a set screw, so you can tighten as needed to keep the fabric as tight as a drum
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Our cross stitch tools embroidery starter kit is designed to help you work more efficiently, suitable for embroidery, cross stitch, quilting, crafts, which can be applied to clothing , tablecloths, pillows, ornaments and other decorations.

4. Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas cross stitch kit (RP Minis)

  • 2.Package includes: 5 bamboo embroidery hoops, 100 pieces of threads, 2 pieces of reserve adidas, 10 pieces of thread spools, 30 pieces of 3 size embroidery needles, 4 pieces of embroidery tools ” threading cross stitch needles, 1 pair of scissors, 1 thimble, 1 piece untwist tool
  • 4.Easy operation: the embroidery hoops have a brass set screw so you can tighten as needed to keep the fabric as tight as a drum
  • 1. BEST GIFT for Embroidery Beginners: This comprehensive line of embroidery starter kits comes equipped with all the tools you use for embroidery. it will be the best gift for the embroidery beginner.
  • 3. Embroidery hoops: natural bamboo. Size: 13cm (5.1in), 16cm (6.3in), 20cm (7.8in), 23cm (9in), 26cm (10.2in).
  • 5. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

6. Pack of 3 DMC 22-24-26 (one pack each) – Cross stitch needles – Total 18 needles – New pack

  • Each thread is wrapped around a paper shuttle and each spool is digitally marked with a dmc color number, which is enough to meet the needs of any project. the color numbers marked on the spools make it easy to find the color you want. Made of the best quality, each thread is wrapped with 6 threads, which is soft, very strong and not easy to fade. these 6 lines can b …
  • Create their favorite project! let boys and girls get creative, cross stitch, bracelets, knitting, needlework, tassels and any other creative project, kids will love this embroidery kit,
  • [bright dental floss color] -80pcs 8m Cotton Thread, (10pcs White 10pcs Black 6pcs Gradient 2pcs Metal Embroidery Thread, 52pcs Rainbow Color)
  • Cross stitch projects can be easily started with the tool from the embroidery kit: 1 pc pin pad, 2 gold metal sewing needles, 2 plastic threaders, 1 scissors. 1 x Colored seam ripper, 1 piece of tape (60 inches), button set, 1 clear 2-layer storage bag
  • Italian Design and Testing: All of our design and testing is done here in Italy. perfect product is our goal, although our products are made overseas, our customer service team in USA are always ready to provide you a satisfactory answer, it is our goal to serve

7.188 embroidery thread set including cross stitch threads for friendship bracelet with transparent 2 tier box, spools of thread and cross stitch kits

  • Embroidery hoop usage dimensions: 13cm (5.1inch) 17cm (6.7inch), 20cm (7.8inch), 23cm (9inch), 26cm (10.2inch) – natural bamboo and harmless to the body
  • Package contents: 5 bamboo embroidery hoops, 100 colored threads, 3 pieces of classic 14 stitches white cotton reserve adidas, 12 spools of thread, 30 embroidery needles in 3 sizes, 4 threading tools cross stitch needles, 1 pair of scissors, 1 thimble, 1 untwist tool, 2 ball sewing pins 80 pieces
  • â ‘Complete beginner embroidery kit is equipped with all tools
  • Embroidery threads are quite similar to the whole spectrum of the rainbow. basic colors are included, such as black, white, gray, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, brown (without color number in the package )
  • â’¤ Product Warranty and Customer Service – We offer 48 day money back and 24 month warranty. please feel free to contact us(mdpqtï¼ ‰ if you have any questions

8.Complete line of embroidery starter kits, 5 piece bamboo embroidery hoops, 100 color embroidery threads, cross stitch tool kit

  • Colorful color: blue, pink, green, watermelon red
  • Easy Operation: Embroidery hoops have a brass set screw that you can tighten if needed to keep the fabric as tight as a drum
  • Multiple size: range of 4.7 x 3 inch / 12 x 8 cm, 5.7 x 3.7 inch / 14.5 x 9.5 cm, 9.6 x 6.5 inch / 24.5 x 16, 5cm, 12.4 x 8.2inch / 31.5 x 21cm
  • Materials: Made of high quality ABS plastic. skid resistance, abrasion resistance and durable
  • Popular gift for the astute person in the family or a beginner. it’s never too early or too late to learn how to cross stitch

9. Caydo 4 Piece ABS Plastic Embroidery Hoops, Square Cross Stitch Hoops Embroidery Set, 5inch 6inch 10inch 12inch (4 Colors)

  • Common size: 12 by 18 inch Aida, Embroidery hoop usage dimensions: 6.1 inch (15.5cm), 6.7 inch (17cm), 7.8 inch (20cm), 9 inch (23 cm), 10.2 inches (26 cm); embroidery hoop material: natural bamboo
  • EASY OPERATION: Embroidery hoops have a brass set screw so you can tighten if needed to keep the fabric as tight as a drum
  • Valuable Set: The most complete beginner’s embroidery kit comes equipped with all the tools you use for embroidery. just with this kit you can finish a pretty embroidery
  • Package contents: 5 bamboo embroidery hoops, 50 colored threads, 2 classic white cotton 14 stitches reserve aidas, 12 spools of thread, 30 embroidery needles 3 sizes, 4 needle threading tools cross stitch, 1 pair of scissors, 1 thimble, 1 untwist tool, 1 circular packing bag, 1 instructions
  • Precious gift: enjoy the DIY embroidery process, finish the work with love, and give it as a gift to your family or friends, it will be a meaningful experience


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