You Can Cross-Stitch and Drink Beer at This Denver Brewery


The giant inflatable grandma at the top of the building doesn’t really attract the Sunday football crowd, so Grandma’s House Brewery offers a different kind of craft.

“Every Sunday we do ‘Rough Cross-Stitch Sundays,'” said Matthew Fuerst. Fuerst is the owner of the South Broadway Brewery and Bar.

“We’re always thinking of weird things to do,” he said. “We were looking for something quirky to do to bring people in.”

Every Sunday, customers can buy a beer or pay $5 for all the cross stitch materials they need. Sonja Lujan and some friends stopped by the brewery last Sunday.

“I’m the only one who really tinkers! They drink beer! said Lujan, as she began to work on a cross-stitch pattern.

Lujan didn’t choose a “rough model”, but many do.

“There are certainly some very, very crude things that are cross-stitched in this tavern,” Fuerst said with a smile.

Fuerst himself contributed the embroidered artwork that fills the walls of Grandma’s house.

“One of the first ones I did was on the wall here,” he said, pointing to a cross stitch above the bar. “It’s a text by Notorious BIG. He says, ‘to all the ladies out there with style and grace.’

Fuerst would never have thought that so many people would love beers and embroidery.

“Then again, I also didn’t know if anyone wanted to hang out at a bar called Grandma’s House either,” Fuerst said. “So I’m continuously pleasantly surprised.”

Turns out pairing beer with offbeat feels right at home.


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