You can purchase a Convicted Illinois Governors Cross Stitch Pattern



Studs Terkel dubbed Chicago “the most theatrically corrupt city,” a characterization that could be extended to the entire state government, given Illinois’ long history of crooked governors. Thanks to a hilarious new stitch pattern from a local artist, you might add “adorably” corrupt.

The Convicted Governors of Illinois cross stitch pattern is the work of Meridith Halsey, an office manager at Datascope Analytics who has been designing patterns since 2014 and selling them on Etsy since 2015.

She came up with the idea while chatting with her husband about the growing popularity of cross stitch on the DIY trade site and their terminal trends. “The majority of these models show couples or families, and the selling point is that the numbers can be personalized. We thought it would be fun to show the governors,” Halsey told The Chicagoist via email.

The crowds seem to think so too. “The Governors of Illinois pattern is the most viewed item in my Etsy shop.” said Halsey. He got 332 views in 7 days, while all of his other models had 67 views combined, she said.

In addition to several beer-related cross stitch patterns, Convicted Governors “Great Talking Point” is available for a $5 download. Do not try to quibble and good sewing.


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