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So, earlier this week, my roommate finally gave me the motivation, by expressing an affirmative desire, to start assembling a cheerful cross stitch sampler (edged with vines and fruit) from the Cellar Fuel Lemons Rant. Johnson from Gate 2. Which led me to r / crossstitch, which led to Sprite Stitch, which led me to a discussion thread on how to use free software called KG Chart to turn .jpg into patterns of cross stitch, with the same pattern.

Naturally, I was delighted not only to see today that someone actually did it (Redditor Notpodell’s wife), but that they gave us the right tour to make this video on the internet to crack it. cocaine: time lapse video. You can take a look at a bit of the pattern under the jump.

Speaking of experience, cross stitch is one of the easiest crafts to learn: it is essentially painting by numbers with thread, on a fabric that already has a practical grid. This is what a graph typically looks like:

In addition to the basica color coding, each symbol corresponds to a different thread color, and many programs will even assign these colors based on DMC numbers (no, it’s not The devil can cry, this is the company DMC, which numbers their wide range of shades of embroidery floss for convenience).

The model itself was waaaay too big to match our download limits and remains readable, so if you want to get the whole thing, check out the Sprite Stitch thread. (They also have great resources for any other 8-bit video game project you might have in mind, whether it’s cross stitch, beading, or whatever). You will end up with a project that is roughly nine by thirteen inches, if you use the same fabric gauge (that is, with 18 small boxes per inch), and which uses 93 colors.

PS Yes, I know there are lots of cute Cave Johnson cross stitch patterns, I want to make my own because of ideas.

(via So Geek Chic.)

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