Zelda fan shows intricate Wind Waker cross stitch that took 5 years to complete


A dedicated Legend of Zelda fan shows off a massive, highly detailed Wind Waker inspired cross stitch that took them years to complete.

One The Legend of Zelda fan showcases an incredible amount of dedication in new fan-made content.

Shared by Reddit user Perilinxi, the image features a very detailed cross stitch that took them five years to complete. Showcases of creation The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker‘s Link and Zelda with vibrant colors and a lush background. “I did my best to keep it clean,” the artist wrote. “I used a program to convert the image into a pattern, then edited it as I went.”

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A popular form of counted thread sewing and embroidery, cross stitch involves a person using X-shaped stitches in a mosaic pattern to create an image. The quilter must count the individual threads on his piece of uniform weave fabric (i.e., linen, needlepoint or Aida fabric) to ensure that his stitches remain uniform in size and in appearance. Cross-stitching can be a very time-consuming process, as noted in Perilinxi’s post, although it’s not the only recent example of The Legend of Zelda cross stitch. Another Reddit post captured the iconic songs of Ocarina of time in wire form. “Zelda’s Lullaby”, “Prelude of Light” and “Song of Storms” are just a few of the tunes featured.

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Creative fans of Nintendo’s classic video game franchise recently showed their love for The Legend of Zelda more than one cross stitch. Artist Wandering Jas celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past by creating illustrations of many important locations and crucial moments in the game, including the Sanctuary and the first boss battle. Another fan turned Link’s signature Master Sword into a stunning necklace with a hidden sheath button.

It was recently reported that the highly anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is likely to release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in November. Details about Breath of the Wild 2 have been kept under wraps since the game was first announced during Nintendo’s E3 Direct showcase in 2019. Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast. “So I wouldn’t take the absence of big stuff [at The Game Awards] as a sign that maybe breath of the wild is delayed or they don’t have other things because it looks like…the Nintendo folks are very excited about 2022.”

Several of the The Legend of Zelda games are available to play on Wii U, including HD Wind Waker.

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Source: Reddit

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